What is BariBari?

BariBari (バリバリ) is a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of excitedly ripping or tearing something, such as opening Pokemon card packs, or a package of your favorite Pokemon merch!

Pokemon T-Shirts

Someone say stickers?

Check out over 35 unique sticker designs featuring a variety of popular Pokemon. Perfect for watterbottles, laptops, game consoles, journals, and more.
- Waterproof
- Long Lasting
- UV Resistant
- No Sticky Residue

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  • The BariBari Brand

    The BariBari Market is run by the Pokemon BariBari USA team. BariBari USA's main focus is live Pokemon pack breaks, but we often end up with extra merch we can't include in breaks. We offer these items individually here on the BariBari Market.
    Learn more about the BariBari brand below.

    The BariBari Team 
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